Conure VS Cockatiel: [What You Need To Know]

Is adopting a cockatiel or conure on your to-do list? If so, you need to be prepared in advance. The conure and cockatiel belong to the parrot species.

They both have unique personalities, preferences, and needs. Having some level of experience will definitely play in your favor. You will discover a list of similarities and differences between the conure and cockatiel.

Conure – What Is It?

Conure VS Cockatiel

As mentioned previously, the conure is a member of the parrot species. The conure measures approximately 12 inches in length– from the beak tip to the tip of the tail. Ornithologist, Joseph Michel Forshaw deemed the parrot’s “cone-shaped” tail “conure.”

Forshaw, an Australian parrot expert, formerly headed the National Parks and Wildlife Service in Australia.

Cockatiel – What Is It?

Conure VS Cockatiel

“Cockatiel” is the term utilized to describe the “weiro bird,” a member of the parrot species. The cockatiel’s natural habitats are in Australia, where they were discovered in 1770. It took over 130 years for the cockatiel to gain nationwide popularity. According to evidence, the cockatiel gained a lot of notoriety during the gold rush.

The cockatiel can be found in Australia’s bushlands, scrublands, and grasslands. Like the conure, the cockatiel’s tail is between 12 and 13 inches in length.

Many breeders are drawn to the cockatiel because of its simplistic breeding practices. Cockatiels are among some of the easiest breeders.

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It is important to give these birds the right diet. When it comes to conures, you should know that they eat green plants, leaves, springs, shoots, blossoms, and buds in the wild. They’ll also eat nuts, seeds, and berries.

When dealing with cockatiels, you have to understand that these birds are herbivores. Their diet is made up of 60 to 70% seeds. The rest of their diet includes fruits, berries, and vegetables. When you bring one of these birds into your home, they will need seeds.

You can give them fruits from time to time as well.

Can They Speak

Both birds belong to the parrot family. This means that both can speak. The only difference is that cockatiels do not have an extensive vocabulary.

Other parrots tend to have a more advanced vocabulary than cockatiels. Conures are effective talkers as well but they will not develop a very diverse vocabulary like other parrot birds.

If you want a bird that can talk a lot and form more sentences, you should go with an Amazon Parrot or an African Grey. Nevertheless, Conures and Cockatiels can speak. They’re amusing birds that will keep you busy throughout the day.

Which Is More Popular

While both birds are popular, you will find that cockatiels are slightly more popular than conures. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should get a cockatiel.

Instead, you’ll want to consider your options and look for the bird that will work best with your attitude and schedule. When choosing a bird, you shouldn’t use a popularity contest.

Instead, you’ll want to learn more about the diets, habits, and attitudes of both so you can find out which one is best for you.

Their Attitudes

When choosing a pet, you’ll want one that matches your attitude. Well, you should know that both birds belong to the parrot species so their attitudes will be similar. Cockatiels tend to be affectionate and gentle.

They love attention. If you want to pet a cockatiel, they’re not going to stop you. They love play sessions as well.

Cockatiels are constantly interactive so you’ll likely find them amusing. If you’re not around, you can guarantee that a cockatiel will find a way to stay busy. Conures are similar because they are affectionate and friendly as well. These birds are playful, amusing, and smart.

As long as you properly care for your conure, they’ll maintain their good behavior. Just remember that you never want to threaten or provoke a conure because it can get aggressive very quickly.

Is A Conure A Good Pet

Ultimately, both birds are good pets. The conure is a good family pet but you’ll need to socialize with the animal regularly. Remember that conures love fun activities so you should keep them active.

In addition to this, they prefer having a lot of fun activities going on at once. If you can keep them entertained, you can guarantee that they’re going to be happy.

Either way, conures are good pets as long as you dedicate a lot of time and energy to them.

Is A Cockatiel A Good Pet

While small, cockatiels make great pets. In fact, these birds are great pets for the entire family. The only thing you’ll need to consider is the long lifespan of cockatiels. These birds can live a very long time.

With that being said, you’ll need to make a long commitment to this bid before getting one. They’re generally easy to care for but they’ll require years and years of care.

If you’re young, fit, and ready for a pet, you’ll want to add a cockatiel to your life. If you’re worried about moving or changing your mind in the future, you should switch to a different pet.

Care Requirements

When it comes to their care requirements, you will find that both breeds are similar. They’re both relatively easy to care for. Once you’ve selected one of these animals, you’ll want to begin providing them with plenty of water.

These birds need water for drinking and bathing. You will need to change the water daily to avoid problems. It is pertinent to keep the cage and water clean. Also, you need to be careful about feeding these animals. You need to give them specialized pellets.

These pellets will make up roughly 70% of the bird’s diet. You shouldn’t give Conures avocados, fruit seeds, chocolate, alcohol, or caffeine. Instead, the bird should be fed fresh vegetables, fruits, and fortified seeds. Make sure that you feed the bird properly so he or she can give you years and years of pleasure.

Summary – Which Is Best?

Which animal is best for you? Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for. Conures tend to be friendly birds. They’re playful and sociable. However, you should know that they require more attention than cockatiels.

As far as cockatiels go, these birds need more training and socialization. Both birds are worth your time but only one is going to be right for you. It is wise to consider the pros and cons before visiting your pet store. Do that and you’ll know which one you’re going to like best.

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